The mission of The Book Bank Foundation is to promote and advocate literacy. We accomplish this by using motivational speaking, models of positive behavior, scholastic achievement, and resourceful thinkers to stimulate self-esteem, academic achievement, future goal setting, and stories of achievement in communities where illiteracy exists. “The Book Bank Foundation continues to make a positive impact on the communities in which we live by providing homeless children and their families resources for combating illiteracy. Thru empowerment, rooted in integrity and strong character, we will provide the blueprint for this change to occur and direct those less fortunate from the darkness to the light.”

We strive towards our goals by constantly seeking ways to empower, inspire children and build awareness with influencers on the importance of literacy and education. We spread this message to show the joys and benefits of literacy and education but we stress that illiteracy and lack of education can lead to poverty, drugs, and crime. We run book drives and conduct lectures to aid the youth as well as offering relief to those who have been affected illiteracy such as the disenfranchised. We do that in a effort to provide full circle support, both preventative and relief work.

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